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Affordable Surrogacy Programme

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Affordable Surrogacy treatments with advanced technology. We provide a variety of Surrogacy packages in Delhi you can choose from.

Why NectarIVF?

Higher Success Rate

Treatment solutions with high success rates in India.

Consultation Services

Regular consultation services are provided.

Best Fertility Services

We provide best fertility services with our experienced doctors.


About Us

About NectarIVF

Nectar IVF provides access to world-class fertility treatments at an affordable cost. Nectar IVF is the most trusted fertility chain with more than 7 centres across 10+ cities in India. Our highly experienced team of fertility specialists and embryologists provide holistic & individualized fertility care.

Our Services

Provide International Quality Services

Fertility Medication

High Risk Pregnancy Care

Fertility Programme

We offer the intended parents full fertility programme at affordable prices.

Donor IVF

We connect you with the suitable and well-matched egg or sperm donors to get positive outcomes.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF or In-Vito Fertilization is a process where the egg is retreived and combined with the sperm outside the body.

Donor Profiling

Nectar IVF helps you find well-screened egg donor matches for you as per your requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

Nectar IVF is the best Surrogacy centre in Delhi. Our comprehensive, and patient-centric approach allows us to provide the patients with the best possible Surrogacy treatment. We have a team of highly trained and experienced fertility specialists who ensure Surrogacy success.

The cost of surrogacy treatment at Nectar IVF ranges between INR 15 Lacs to 25 Lacs. There are various factors influencing IVF treatment cost in Delhi. Such as the experience of the doctor, requirement of donor eggs or not, number of IVF cycles required, and more.

Nectar IVF clinic has the highest success rate in Delhi. We offer IVF & Surrogacy treatment with a success rate of 50 to 80%, depending upon certain factors, like, reason for infertility, doctor’s experience, age of the female partner, etc.

The surrogacy cost in India is between 15 to 25 lakhs. This range entirely depends on which hospital you are looking for, how many attempts you are opting for, are you using your eggs and semen or donor’s eggs and semen, etc.

The answer to this question is not definite, because each patient responds differently to the IVF process, for some it may be painful while for others not so painful.

Yes, IVF babies are normal. The way in which the baby is conceived is the only difference between IVF babies and naturally conceived babies. Natural pregnancy takes place during intercourse, however, in IVF, the eggs and sperm are fertilized in a laboratory and the fertilized egg is implanted in the woman’s uterus.

The cost of surrogacy is approximately Rs 15 to 25 lakhs depending of type of surrogacy (self-egg or donor egg surrogacy) which includes 3 – 4 attempts.

Regulation of surrogacy: The Bill prohibits commercial surrogacy, but allows altruistic surrogacy.

The cost of surrogacy includes a lot more than IVF. The IVF part costs the same but u then need to add all the costs related to the surrogate and the pregnancy. Bottom Line it is higher than that of conventional IVF. This is mainly due to differences in the medical process. You can get free financial consultation from our team if you have any questions related to surrogacy costs. Call us at +919625513981

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Free Ultrasound & TVS Scan Worth ₹4500/- and avail 25% Discount on Fertility Analysis Test!!


What Our Patient Says

My husband and I had been trying to have a child for nearly 3 years but we had 2 miscarriages. Then we decided to have IVF-ICSI from Nectar IVF, and we succeeded in the first attempt! We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl, all thanks to Nectar IVF and its dedicated staff.
Thank you, Nectar IVF for being a constant through our journey to parenthood. Without your guidance and support, we wouldn't have been able to complete our surrogacy and have baby Arjun in our arms.
Ram & Sneha
I have endometriosis and had gone through 3 miscarriages and 1 IVF failure, so naturally, my husband and I had lost hope. But then we heard about Nectar IVF. In the first video consultation, the doctor told us to give it one last try. Now, 1.5 years later we have twins- a boy and a girl, born via surrogacy.
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